1. Why is my giant running in circles around my feet or rubbing his chin on me?
a. “Circling” & “chinning” are signs of marking territory & will be done by a sexually mature rabbit. In essence, he / she is claiming you as belonging to him/her.

2. Should I let my giant have play-time in the yard?
a. A lot of people do allow this, however this increases the risk of your giant picking up ticks, fleas, & other parasites – all of which could become a very serious problem.

3. Why do Flemish Giants make bad meat-rabbits?
a. Flemish have very large, heavy bones. The more bone density they have, the less actual meat-production is possible.

4. What if the person buying a pet Flemish from me wants a certificate stating that he is a full-blooded Flemish Giant or for any other reason?
a. The best option is to offer that person a Pedigree or a “Birth Certificate” for that bunny.

5. What is a Birth Certificate?
a. This is a hand-made or computer generated certificate that states the rabbit is a full-blooded Flemish Giant, but is of pet quality. The information stated on the certificate may include his color, date of birth & name, but should not be in-depth, & should not include information regarding the previous generations of that rabbit.

6. How much should I sell my Flemish Giants for?
a. There is no right or wrong answer for this. The value of anything, rabbits included, is the value that you place on it. The general concept should be that if you were going to buy that rabbit for the same purpose in which you are selling it, & you did not have any emotional or personal attachment to him, the amount of how much would you be willing to pay for him would be a good starting place for what the sell him for.