To assist you in your search of finding a Flemish Giant for sale in your area, please visit the ads listed below. As this is a user-friendly interactive page, in attempt to keep all posts current, each post will expire within 7 days of being published.

If you have and would like to post your Flemish Giant that is for sale, please fill out the form below. Please notice that all posts will expire 7 days after having been posted, and if you sell your Giant before that 7 day period, we ask that you please manually delete your post, or contact us so that we may delete it for you. Furthermore, if the Flemish that you posted for sale is still available after the 7 day expiration period, please feel welcome to re-submit your post; this may be repeated an unlimited number of times.

If you raise and/or regularly have Flemish for sale, please feel free to fill out and submit the form on the “Flemish Giant Breeders List” page of this site.

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